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About hotel

Good afternoon dear sirs,

I want to present you my mini-hotel Crouton, a chimney corner in side-streets of Arbat which is full of history and mystery.

This part of the city is a special historic place where many wonderful events took place in the past. Generation after generation, czar after czar architecture reshaped itself… Side-streets of Arbat, just like good wine, were filling with history.

Philippovskiy side-street has its history of which I am about to tell you.

Here, in house 9, from the end of 1849 till spring 1851 in the little house made of wood which did not survive, Mr.
S.T. Aksakov resided (1791-1859) – a famous Russian novelist, memoirist, theatre and literary critic, farther of famous political writers and ideologists of  slavophilism – I.S. Aksakov and K.S. Aksakov.

Aksakov holds a special place in history of Russian culture not only due to his excellent literary works. Wherever The Aksakovs lived, when they came to Moscow, they preferred to stay in the prestigious Arbat area. Their house was always a center of attraction for large circle of writers, journalists, scientists and men of theatre.
М.Shchepkin,  М. Zagoskin,  М. Pogodin,  А. Shakhovskoy,  А. Verstovskiy, N. NadezhdinI.Turgenev, S.Shevyrev,  as well as friends of their children,  slavophils А.KhomyakovI.KireyevskiyYu. Samarin.

Hospitable environment and high level of intellectual discussions never left the house.

N.V. Gogol, a big friend of The Aksakovs, paid regular visits to this house. A special day for his visits was named ‘vareniki’ – Gogol’s favourite dish which was a must on the day of his visit. And who knows: perhaps this house or mysterious side-streets of Arbat inspired the writer for some of his masterpieces.

In 1889, right at this place, S.E. Ovanesyants, the architect, built a modern guest-house, 3 years later it was re-build under N.G. Zelenin’s project. In 1900-1902, an apartment of M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov, a composer, was here. He was conductor of the Russian choral society and of Moscow opera houses of Mamontov and Zimin. Great composer
N.A. Rimskiy-Korsakov was a frequent guest here. Furthermore, A.N. Granat, creator of the widely-known encyclopedic dictionary, used to live here.

Home-like environment of comfort and coziness is maintained here. And in our times beds are comfortable here and breakfasts are delicious, staff is thoughtful and friendly. As tradition has it, on Saturdays we eat vareniki that is why we call our Saturdays – Gogol’s vareniki.

No matter what is the purpose of your visit: business or tourism, everyone will find something for him/herself in our hotel – traditions and comfort.

Having such a privileged location  –  mini-hotel Crouton  - is ideal for those who look for a small but comfortable place to stay in the capital. It is located in the 3-storey building in area with developed modern infrastructure and great amenities that will make your stay very pleasant. 

The hotel is situated right in the center of Moscow, next to the legendary Arbat street.  Just step out of the hotel and you are in the center of the capital with its places of interest and historic monuments. Mini-hotel is situated in the building of 19th century which is recognized as historic and cultural heritage of Russia. There are two Russian orthodox churches nearby –
The Church of the Resurrection Slovushcheye and Church of Saints Athanasius and Cyrill , at breakfast you can hear their bells ring every morning.

Hotel's excellent location doesn't bring any trouble to our guests traveling in the city. Quiet and comfortable home-like hotel Crouton is only 5 minutes’ walk to Arbatskaya metro station
, in the historic Arbat area, near the Kremlin, in the epicenter of history. Hotel's location will make you live a true Moscow lifestyle which is full of diversity to cater for any taste and wish.

You won’t spend a lot of money in search of a café or restaurant
(there are more than 10 different cafes and restaurants to any taste where you can eat and spend the night nearby). In the hotel you will find a number of services: booking of railway and airplane tickets, call for taxi, laundry-service.

Hotel Crouton is not just a great location and the entire infrastructure at hand, but also a comfortable stay for a tourist or a businessman. There are at your service: six comfortable rooms, separate hall for breakfast or leisure, bathroom with gel, shampoo, soap, bathrobe, slippers, towels and a hairdryer.  TV, computer and a free Wi-Fi. Qualified staff of our hotel work round-the-clock making your stay as comfortable as possible. Mini-hotel Crouton complies with all security standards.

Home-like hotel Crouton is tradition of hospitality and high level of service with individual approach. It is a perfect combination of home-like environment and modern conditions of comfortable stay

We look forward to seeing you!
Yours faithfully,

Ivan Il’ich Crouton.