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Booking Rules

- Booking of rooms is done based on the rules and terms and conditions determined by the relevant hotel.

- Preliminary confirmation of booking is made within one business day after receiving a booking request.

- All fees are quoted based on calculation for individual tourists.

- Booking requests shall be accepted in written form via email no later than 3 business days before tourist’s arrival (in exceptional cases this term may be reduced).

- For the avoidance of doubts, all changes and cancellation of the booked services shall be made in written form and sent via fax or e-mail and also confirmed by our manager.

- Cancellation without penalty shall be made no less than three days (for individual tourists) and 10 days (for groups) before payment for the booked service.

- In case of cancellation of the booking request later than the stated term a penalty in the amount of 100% of cost per 1 day of service will be charged.

- In case of tourist’s no-show for any reasons at the point of service provision within the stated time period, the booking shall be considered done and there will be a penalty of 100%.

- Fees for hotel services that are not stated on the web-site shall be provided at the request.

When booking a hotel it is necessary to take into account our terms and conditions of payment for services:
- Cost of services for the booked service shall be determined in accordance with prices stated in confirmation after drawing a booking request via form at the web-site.

- Booking of rooms in the hotel is made on terms of 100% (equal to the fee for one day) of pre-payment or 100% payment which the tourist shall do after preliminary confirmation of the payment by the administrator.

- After the pre-payment the booking is guaranteed

- Confirmation of the booking shall be an invoice which is to be paid within 3 days (if the payment falls on weekends, a scan of paid  amount can be sent)

Methods of payment for services, reporting documents:

- Yandex Money

- Via bank transfer (legal entities)

- Via bank transfer (individuals)

- Cash on site.

Receipt БСО

- Closing Acceptance act

The Customer shall inform timely (text on booking telephone number, an email to the hotel: name, arrival date, amount paid and type of room) the administrator on the effectuated payment. In case confirmation of payment is not received timely, the administrator shall have the right to cancel the booking.